Efficient integration of data from business partners thanks to SPOIVO

SPOIVO is a platform that will automatically integrate sales data of your products from networks and distributors.

Always at hand, well-organized data will allow you to constantly examine the sales potential of business partners. Thanks to this, you can direct actions where there is a real chance to increase sales, predict demand, manage stocks more efficiently, and achieve better results each day.

With integrated data, you will learn, what hinders your sales

In a hyper-competitive market, it is not enough to trade the best product — you also need to have the most accurate data.

The SPOIVO platform will integrate data on the size of resale and stock levels of your products in all distribution channels. This is a tool for better understanding the market, customers, and optimizing the sales process.

Integration of data from the systems of retail chains, distributors and retail outlets

By using data from distributor systems, you can react faster to market trends and make decisions considering the real situation. You will find out which aspects of inventory management need to be improved to avoid unnecessary costs.

SPOIVO will also help you evaluate cooperation with distributors in terms of real profitability.


Start assessing distributors basing on, among other things, sales of your products, used discounts, and the OTIF indicator


Settle retail networks according to quantitative goals, value, and fulfillment of contracts.


Improve sales management basing on reliable data.

How can SPOIVO help you?

With automatically integrated data, you will learn which elements of the sales strategy work well and which need improvement

Integration of Data from Retail Chains

You will combine your data with sales data in retail chains, get to know the level of plan implementation, the turnover size of KAM, and the level of discount utilization. 

Sales Identification

You will check who buys your products from distributors and better understand the needs of your customers. You will verify the potential of individual stores and pharmacies to direct actions where they bring the most profit.

Sales within a Specific Category

You will find out what is the share of your products in sales to individual stores and discover where your products are most popular.

Ex-factory Sales

 You will get information about the stocking of a specific wholesaler. You will check how many of your products distributors buy from you and how many in other wholesalers.

Discount Settlement

 You will verify the correctness of discounts, determine their value, and easily settle them.

Sell-out and Inventory Levels

Based on sales data from the network, you will be able to monitor the actual level of pharmacy stocking.


Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

What makes SPOIVO unique?

SPOIVO is a platform based on secure and convenient cloud technology that improves data processing and analysis. It allows better monitoring of cooperation with partners and making effective decisions.

We have added advanced Biqsens analytics to every functionality.

Thanks to organized data, it will be easier for you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of cooperation with a business partner, monitor settlements, and draw accurate conclusions.

In one platform, you will have access to a complete set of data from all partners.

The data will be adapted to your vocabulary, making it easy to understand and quickly use for strategic actions.   

SPOIVO helps manufacturers analyze sales data and forecast results in the coming quarters faster.

The actions based on the data can have a fundamental impact on your business.

Your Data is Fully Secure

We use the same security solutions,
as the largest platforms in the world. We guarantee full data security for each side.

Microsoft Certificate

Our Emigo Data Source connector, which provides access to data collected in the services offered by Sagry systems, is certified by Microsoft and is a component of the Power BI tool.

Microsoft Azure Support

The Spoivo platform is supported by Microsoft Azure — one of the most secure and easiest-to-use cloud computing services.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate

We hold an ISO/IEC 27001/2013 security certificate confirming the security and reliability of the solutions we have implemented in terms of information protection and processing.  

SPOIVO is the result of our 15 years of experience in integrating IT systems for the FMCG and Healthcare sectors.

What do you gain by using SPOIVO?


Integrated shops, pharmacies etc.


users using integrated data

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Co mówią klienci, którzy korzystają ze SPOIVO?

Dzięki Biqsens Polpharma jest w stanie szybko i sprawnie analizować dane pozyskane z badania merchandisingu z użyciem Image Recognition. W ten sposób zawsze wiemy, jaki jest poziom realizacji naszych standardów ekspozycji.

Agnieszka Kordacka,
Senior Marketing Manager

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Przełomowym momentem było wdrożenie analityk Biqsens. Bez pełnych i przekrojowych danych analiza biznesowa i badanie trendów było bardzo trudne. Dzisiaj dysponujemy gotowymi raportami BI, które pozwalają nam weryfikować dane na szczeblu operacyjnym i strategicznym na bieżąco i wspierają w podejmowaniu trafnych decyzji.

Jarosław Idzik,
Kierownik Sekcji Rozliczeń i Analiz

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Analityki Biqsens sprawiły, że analiza danych dostarczonych przez system Emigo, Usługę Identyfikacji Sprzedaży i Integrę stała się szybka i prosta, co ułatwiło nam uzyskanie znacznego wzrostu sprzedaży w krótkim okresie.

Jarosław Jankowski,
Commercial & Supply Chain Forecasting Specialist

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Wondering if SPOIVO will really help you?

The SPOIVO platform is for you if:

You want to make informed decisions based on reliable data

You want to verify the effectiveness of sales strategies and implement improvements

You care about improving the quality of cooperation with chains, stores, and pharmacies

You are looking for a platform that will automatically integrate data collected by your business partners

The SPOIVO platform is not for you if:

You don’t want to examine the potential of individual stores and pharmacies

You don’t want to learn about the shopping habits of end customers

You don’t care about avoiding excess or shortage of products in distribution channels

FAQ - find the answer to your question

By integrating sales data from business partners with SPOIVO, you gain access to information that will help you increase or maintain your market share. You will learn which retail networks bring the most profit and what the trends are in a specific product category. You can check if offering discounts to retail networks is profitable and also monitor in real time the level of discount budget utilization, sales plan execution, and the turnover size of your Key Account Managers (KAM). Data integration from business partners’ systems through SPOIVO enables advanced analyses, allowing for the adjustment of business strategies to the actual market needs and effective management of cooperation with retail networks.

The SPOIVO platform integrates sales data from retail networks, pharmacy chains, or distributors. A key element of integrating data from business partners through SPOIVO is converting sales data to the format and dictionary used by the manufacturer. This makes data from various sources available within a consistent nomenclature and one system, facilitating their later analysis.

The SPOIVO platform is designed according to the latest usability standards, making it also suitable for individuals without technical experience. The entire data integration process has been greatly simplified and automated, minimizing the need for technical intervention and allowing users to focus on interpreting results and strategic planning. SPOIVO also offers a wide range of tools for data visualization and presentation (Biqsens analytics), making it easier to understand and communicate analysis results within the organization.

Yes. The SPOIVO platform enables data integration from many source systems, allowing for comprehensive sales data from all business partners. Access to information from multiple data sources in one integrated environment enables more accurate analysis, leading to more accurate and effective actions. The SPOIVO platform also eliminates obstacles related to format incompatibility and inconsistency in naming the same products across multiple systems. Data cleansing reduces the number of errors and helps meet the challenges associated with data integration. Data reliability is maintained at every stage of the business process, providing a solid foundation for optimizing strategic actions across the organization.

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