Automate and streamline your sales with EMIGO

EMIGO is an advanced SFA platform that allows you to easily automate the tasks of mobile sales representatives and maximize the efficiency of sales processes.

It will help you timely identify problems with field sales, turn data into tangible savings, and generate higher profits.

Implement sales plans faster, thanks to automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence

Without reliable data and the right tools, even the best sales director can’t optimize the work of sales reps.

That’s precisely why you need Emigo — a platform that provides answers to questions about your company’s sales processes.

In one application, you can plan the work of your sales team, manage products and clients. You will understand the directions and trends, and also get action tips — not just raw data to process.

This way, you can easily optimize the work of sales representatives and define the direction of sales development.


You will minimize the time to acquire a customer and develop the potential of sales representatives


Smart tips will allow you to optimize key sales processes faster


You can monitor the effectiveness of sales reps and analyze data at any time, any place, and from any device


You will automate the repetitive tasks of sales reps, which will give them more time to sell

Automate sales processes with EMIGO

How can EMIGO help you?

Emigo has everything you need to control
sales processes and arrange them to be effective.

Emigo SFA


With EMIGO CORE SFA, salespeople can define daily task lists, plan in-person and remote visits, and optimize routes. This will allow them to manage their time more efficiently and important tasks will not be postponed.

Emigo Sales Force Automation


Designing tools and business processes without the need for developer support? It’s possible, thanks to EMIGO SMART WORKFLOW. It allows you to independently configure business processes and automate tasks — without the need to engage developers.

Integracja z systemami dystrybutorów


Do you want to improve order fulfillment? With INTEGRA, your representatives will have continuous access to warehouse stocks, and orders will automatically reach distributor systems — without errors and delays.

Analityka biznesowa


Do you find it difficult to draw conclusions from large data sets? BIQSENS will do it for you. Depending on the role, everyone in the company will receive data relevant to them and suggestions for optimal actions.

Bazy klientów


Is your client database outdated and full of duplicate data? WINPOINT & IPOCRATES will always provide you with up-to-date and accurate contact data of retail outlets, pharmacies, doctors, etc.

Merchandising Image Recognition


Beat the competition on the store shelf, thanks to the perfect display built with IMAGE RECOGNITION. Verify the implementation of merchandising standards and ensure product availability based on data from shelf photos.

Grzegorz Dembicki

Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company.

What makes EMIGO platform unique?

Emigo no-code

No code

You don't need developer support — you can independently and instantly adapt the platform to the sales processes in your company.

Emigo rozwiązania gotowe do użycia

Ready-to-use solutions

You can create your own processes or use templates that you can easily adjust to your company.

Emigo analityki oparte na Power BI

Analytics based on Power BI

Thanks to it, you can analyze, combine, and share data from multiple sources in real-time, on any device.

Emigo sztuczna inteligencja

Artificial Intelligence

Many system functions are supported by artificial intelligence. These include automatic suggestions and Image Recognition. 

EMIGO evolves with your company

The EMIGO platform is scalable — it adapts to your goals and can grow as fast as your business.

During the implementation, we will adjust the system to the current needs and processes of your company. At every stage of the project, you will have the substantive support of the implementation team. This will allow you to start working in the new system quickly, smoothly, and without costly downtime.

Sagra Team

What do you gain by using EMIGO?

Emigo lepsza ekspozycja


better display

Emigo większa sprzedaż


higher sales

Emigo spotkanie z klientem


additional client meeting per day

What clients who use EMIGO say?

Get to know the opinion of companies using EMIGO and find out what they gained from it.

By choosing Emigo, we not only received an SFA system that automates and facilitates the work of our representatives but also an entire package of tools and services. Integration of data from various systems, always up-to-date address databases, and Biqsens analytics greatly help increase the company’s competitiveness.
Barbara Bisz,
Sales Director of Product Office
polski cukier
Emigo, combined with the ability to conduct remote visits and an always up-to-date Ipocrates database, ensured the effective achievement of our goals. These tools made it easier to reach new customers and improved collaboration. We also highly value the advanced business analysis with Biqsens.
Aleksander Radoń,
Managing Director & Owner
Meetings and the pre-implementation analysis of Sagry allowed us to see the power of the Emigo system and the range of solutions that align well with the company’s business strategy. The decision to implement Emigo was mainly driven by the broad knowledge provided by the system, and the priority was integration with distributor systems.

Jarosław Jankowski,
Commercial & Supply Chain Forecasting Specialist


Are you wondering if EMIGO will actually help you?

The EMIGO platform is for you if:


You want to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks performed by the sales team


You want to manage the sales team based on current and reliable data


You want to have key sales data in one view and always at hand


You prefer to receive intelligent tips and recommendations, not just raw data


You’re looking for an SFA platform that you can adapt to your own needs without incurring the cost of a developer’s work


You’re looking for a tool for mobile salespeople that will speed up and automate their work, thereby increasing their engagement and effectiveness


You care about maintaining the level of sales during the rotation of sales representatives and providing them with a tool strictly tailored to their work

The EMIGO platform is not for you if:

You do not want to automate daily tasks of mobile salespeople

Your company does not conduct field sales activities

You do not need current data on sales and sales reps effectiveness

Consult the implementation of EMIGO in your company

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