Discover your clients’ purchasing patterns and sell more effectively

Clustersense is an artificial intelligence-based solution for segmenting retail outlets according to purchasing behavior. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retail networks,

It allows you to properly match offers and promotional activities to a specific client segment, as well as appropriately adjust and achieve sales or distribution goals.

Knowing what products are ordered in a given segment, you can prepare an offer tailored to the specific profile of the store and conduct appropriate promotional activities.

What is behavioral segmentation?

Behavioral segmentation is a way of grouping clients based on their purchasing behavior, such frequency and type of products they order. ClusterSense automatically creates these groups, based on a detailed analysis of purchasing behavior conducted with the involvement of artificial intelligence.


How does it work?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms analyze each points sales history and automatically create their segmentation.

The analysis is based on purchasing data from invoices. Data sources can be external distributors (ClusterSense for the manufacturer) or data from internal systems (ClusterSense for a retail network or distributor-wholesaler).

Why ClusterSense?

The artificial intelligence used in ClusterSense means that what previously took many hours, now happens in the blink of an eye. Moreover, the algorithms see what might be missed by humans. With ClusterSense, you can be sure that the analysis of your clients’ behavior is effective, and the segmentation is in line with reality. Automating the entire process streamlines operational activities and helps increase competitive advantage.

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Who is ClusterSense for?

ClusterSense is a solution for manufacturers, distributors, and retail networks, bringing benefits to different people and teams within the company.

Marketing and trade-marketing teams

can better understand the needs and preferences of clients, and thus – plan and implement more effective promotional, marketing campaigns, or develop better merchandising standards.

Sales teams
and sales

gain information about the best-selling products in individual segments and can better adjust their sales process.

Product managers

having information about client preferences and best-rotating products, can create offers tailored to the needs of specific segments and stores.

What do you gain from ClusterSense?

Znając lepiej swoich klientów i rozumiejąc ich preferencje oraz potrzeby:

Adjust your offer and SKU distribution strategy more accurately

Increase the efficiency of trade-marketing activities

More effectively introduce new products to the market

Quickly reach right clients with the right products

Improve sales results

Increase your market share

Improve your relationship with clients and service quality

Spectrum: purchasing characteristics

Each segment includes retail outlets selected by AI/ML algorithms with similar purchasing behavior. The purchasing behavior characteristic is represented using a spectrum, which is a visual representation of the segment’s preferences, but also of each individual store, pharmacy, or sales point. The spectrum, based on product features (SKU), indicates, for example, the categories, subcategories, or brands of products preferred by points from a given segment. You can also see what the profile of an individual sales point looks like against the segment – this helps you assess its potential for development cooperation.

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Understand your customers better

Request a free consultation and find out,
how we can help increase your sales.

Features for all users

No matter what SFA system and BI tools you have, you can benefit from the core functionality of ClusterSense

You can view the results of the segmentation created by ClusterSense in convenient business intelligence reports.

With clear visualizations, at various levels of detail, you will analyze the characteristics of individual segments and points of sales. You will thoroughly know and understand the behavior patterns in the segments. For each of the segments, the system designates two or three patterns.

You can analyze the generated segmentation in detail in many contexts and according to different features of the points of sales, for example: location, size, assortment, or type – just import them into ClusterSense as features describing the point of sales.

Segments can be freely described so that every employee can immediately identify the type of clients they are dealing with. Descriptive fields and tags are used for this purpose. For example, by giving a segment the tag #premium, you specify that it includes points of sales for which quality and brand of products matter.

You can use the segmentation regardless of the ERP or CRM system you work on. You can save the generated segments with descriptions in a .csv file, and then import them into your system.

Features for Emigo users

If you have the Emigo SFA system, you can analyze the effectiveness of the actions you have taken based on the segmentation in any report on Biqsens platform. Just filter the data using the saved segments. The results of segmenation are also available for sales representatives in the form of 360 View and order recommendations.

360 View for the Representative

The segments created in ClusterSense can be shared with your representatives in the Emigo system with a few clicks. Thanks to the possibility of adding descriptions and tags, your people will easily find out to which segment the clients belong. This is especially useful for new employees.

Thanks to the 360 view, sales representatives gain quick access to a graphical presentation of the client’s purchase history along with the most important KPIs and information about their purchasing preferences and potential.

Order Recommendations

Based on client segmentation, the Emigo system can automatically suggest to representatives what products they should order for a particular store and what promotions to apply.

Recommendations result from the purchasing behavior of clients in a given segment and include not only products but also their quantities, adapted to the potential of the store. Recommendations are dynamic SKU lists, indicating:

  • novelties for the client,
  • SKUs that the client should have,
  • currently popular SKUs,
  • SKUs that will sell in the near future (this applies especially to seasonal products).

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European Funds

SAGRA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is implementing a project co-financed by European Funds entitled “Research and development work on the creation of a platform with built-in AI/ML engine, aimed at participants in the FMCG and Consumer Health distribution market chain.”

Project goal: Building a comprehensive service for the automatic segmentation of retail points of sale.

EU project co-financing: 3 178 807,51 PLN