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Winpoint & Ipocrates — always up-to-date database of sales points, pharmacies, and medical staff.

Winpoint & Ipocrates represent continually verified and updated contact databases for FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry sales points, pharmacies, medical facilities, doctors, and medical personnel. They ensure that sales and medical representatives have quick and intuitive access to correct data. The necessary addresses, areas of activity, and names are always at hand, allowing them to reach the right places and people according to plan and without delays.

All data is obtained and stored in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Current and valuable contacts always at hand

Pharmacists change jobs, pharmacies change owners, companies move to new headquarters, some fail and new ones emerge. The dynamics of change are so great that after 4 years as much as 80% of the records in your database may be outdated!

The Winpoint & Ipocrates database solves this problem, allowing you to quickly find correct addresses of sales points and medical staff data. As a result, your company can reach new sales points much faster and maintain relationships with clients, despite turnover in the sales team.

+220 000

retail sales points

+14 000


+130 000

healthcare workers

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Automate sales processes

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Database capabilities

How can Winpoint & Ipocrates help you?


Database of retail and wholesale sales points

Over 220,000 records, which are always up-to-date. The database includes locations of sales points in the FMCG and chemical-cosmetic industry: shops, discount stores, wholesalers, gas stations, hairdressing and beauty salons, bookstores and stationery stores, along with information about alcohol licenses and affiliations to commercial and franchise networks.

Contacts to new sales points

You can reach new sales points and leverage their capacity in the search for new suppliers.

Categorization and classification of sales points

With complete customer data, you can easily build segmentation that reflects your sales strategy.

Tracking changes in ownership

You have access to the history of takeovers of retail sales points and can track your previous activities with specific entities.

Building regions and micro-markets

You have the opportunity to create new sales regions and micro-markets in line with your strategy.

Planning sales representative routes

You can effectively designate visit routes for sales representatives at retail points — so that they can carry out as many visits as possible during the day.

Reducing the costs of maintaining databases

Being sure that the maintenance of the database's timeliness and correctness is in good hands, you don't have to worry about additional workload and costs in this area.


Database of pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and medical facilities

Over 14,000 pharmacies and 130,000 records of pharmaceutical-medical personnel. Database of doctors and dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy coordinators, nurses, midwives, and hygienists, along with specialization, place of work, identifier, and business relationship history.

Contacts to new pharmacies and healthcare workers

You will establish contacts with new pharmacies. You can build relationships with doctors and medical staff and develop them regardless of their workplace.

Categorization and classification of pharmacies, doctors, and medical staff

Categorization and classification of pharmacies, doctors, and medical staff You can easily classify pharmacies, medical facilities, doctors, and staff. You will reach each client with an appropriate offer and maintain relationships, even despite changes in the workplace of doctors and staff.

Tracking changes in ownership

Having access to the history of pharmacy takeovers and entity mergers, you can be sure that you base your actions on the current factual state.

Building regions and micro-markets

You can create new sales regions, micro-markets, and even define market segments — large enough to make their development profitable and not worth the competition entering them.

Planning routes for medical representatives

You can effectively plan routes for medical representatives, reduce empty runs to a minimum, and lower the costs of pharmacy visits and meetings with medical staff.

Reducing the costs of maintaining databases

You don't have to worry about maintaining the database's timeliness and verification on your own. A team of specialists will do it for you, saving you time and money.

Correct database

What makes the Winpoint & Ipocrates unique?

Full compliance with GDPR

All contact data in Winpoint & Ipocrates complies with GDPR, so you can use it for business purposes without worries.

Always up-to-date data

The data corresponds to reality — we update it continuously, also basing on information collected in the field by over 3,200 sales representatives.

24/7 Availability

You can get the necessary contact data 24/7 via desktop and mobile devices.

National official registers

Winpoint & Ipocrates data is verified in as many as 8 national databases — including CEIDG (Central Registration and Information on Business) and GUS (Central Statistical Office).


We convert addresses to GPS coordinates, which makes planning routes for sales representatives faster and easier.

Expanding the database

The Winpoint & Ipocrates database can be expanded with non-standard data that you need.


Duplicated records and non-existent locations are continuously removed by administrators.


Data is encrypted both in the database and during transmission, and the servers have extensive protection against unauthorized access.

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Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

Valuable customer contacts in compliance with GDPR

Within one month, we handle over 10,000 requests for data changes. We collect, verify, supplement, and provide them to your company. We closely monitor and check each activity to always provide you with up-to-date records.

We use continuous data backup and have extensive solutions to secure server access. Additionally, qualified data security administrators continuously oversee data transmission protection. This ensures both that the contact data is legally obtained and all data transmissions are well-secured.


Central Registration and Information on Business (CEIDG)


Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate


Centre for Health Information Systems


Central Statistical Office of Poland


Polish Post


General Medical Assembly


Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography


Supreme Council of Nurses and Midwives

What do clients who use Winpoint & Ipocrates say?

Reaching new customers and FMCG sales points has contributed to increasing our market share and sales growth. Thanks to the current and verified database, we can effectively build relationships with customers and implement sales strategies.

Zbigniew Wygralak,
Sales Director

The Winpoint client database maintained by the Sagry team in conjunction with the Sales Identification Service expanded our knowledge and increased our field operations. To this day, it is the basis for us in planning activities and sales volumes.

Jarosław Idzik,
Settlements and Analysis Section

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Thanks to Winpoint, Stella Pack’s client database was cleaned and as a result, shrank by 16.5%, which were duplicated records. Utilizing the capabilities of Emigo and increasing the number of representatives led to an increase in the number of clients, so the database grew by 22.3%.

Jarosław Jankowski,
Commercial & Supply Chain Forecasting Specialist

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Wondering if the Winpoint & Ipocrates database is for you?

The Winpoint & Ipocrates customer database is for you if:


You want to gain access to new sales markets using GDPR-compliant data


You want to have a current customer database – without duplicated records and data inconsistent with reality


You care about easy access to information about new potential customers


You’re looking for a customer base that you can expand with non-standard data


You want to have insight into the history of pharmacy and sales points takeovers


You want to categorize and classify customers and reach them with personalized offers


You want to increase the efficiency of sales representatives and optimize routes between visits

The Winpoint & Ipocrates customer database is not for you if:

You don’t want your company to operate faster, more agilely, and on a larger scale

Your company is doing well without access to general and detailed data

Managing business basing on intuition works in your industry

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