Integration with distributors

It transfers orders from the manufacturer’s Emigo system directly to the distributors’ warehouse systems. Fully automatic. Provides information about stock levels. It enables the selection of the optimal supplier and the reservation of goods. It confirms the implementation of each order item.

Integrate with distributors

Thanks to the integration, an order sent by a representative can be processed by suppliers after just 3 seconds.

Benefits for the producer


Fast transfer of orders to the distributor


Eliminating errors when entering an order into ERP


Information on the level of order fulfillment


Information on inventory

Benefits for the distributor


Eliminate rewriting orders – reducing errors


Acceleration of the order processing process


No phone calls from Representatives asking about the order status


No need to change the system or work on multiple systems

Anita Wojtanowska

systems integration manager

“When collecting an order during a customer visit, the representatives have an insight into the warehouse stocks. Thanks to this, they can choose a supplier that guarantees full order fulfillment, which is transferred to their system within seconds. “

Insight into the current inventory of distributors

  • The representatives, seeing the statuses for each order item, can direct their orders to the appropriate wholesalers.
  • You optimize production – you will not allow for shortages, you will utilize “surpluses”, you will prevent returns.
  • It is enough to select the company that should fulfill the order, and the distributor will determine himself from which warehouse the products will be shipped.

Current information on the level of execution of each order item

  • Detailed reasons for not fulfilling the order will allow you to find out the real reasons for the lost sale.
  • The statuses are updated on an ongoing basis, immediately after the order status changes in the warehouse and sales system.

Automatic transfer of orders to the Distributor’s system

  • It minimizes errors and reduces the number of correction invoices.
  • It translates into a rapid increase in the level of order fulfillment.
  • Significantly reduces the delivery time of ordered products.
  • Accelerates and optimizes the picking process in the warehouse.
  • Significantly lowers order processing costs.

Sales Identification Service

  • It allows representatives to be held accountable for actual sales, not declarative ones.
  • Automates settlements with distributors.
  • Provides knowledge of who is buying your products from distributors.
  • It enlarges and updates the customer base with new locations.
  • Identifies high-potential points that your representatives have not yet served.

It is not everything

100% integrated pharmaceutical distributors. We also work with all cosmetic and chemical distributors in Poland and the vast majority in the food industry. Take advantage of our experiences.

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