Automatic integration with distributor systems

Integra - automatic data exchange with distributors

Integra automatically transfers orders from manufacturers’ systems to distributor warehouses. It shows the stock levels of wholesalers and the status of order fulfillment in real-time, while also allowing for product reservation and selection of the optimal supplier.

Thanks to Integra, orders are fulfilled faster, and the risk of error is minimized.

Accelerate order transfer and grow your business

The traditional manual method of sending orders from manufacturers to distributors presents numerous drawbacks. It can lead to many errors when transcribing orders from one system to another, increase costs, and cause delays in fulfillment.

Integra optimizes the entire order transmission process between the manufacturer’s representative and distributors. With automatic data exchange, order transfers become faster and allow easy monitoring of their status, as well as identifying reasons for non-fulfillment.

Thanks to Integra, orders reach suppliers within just 3 seconds of being placed!


Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

How can Integra help you?

Inventory levels

Insight into the current inventory levels of distributors for each order item

Choose the optimal supplier

With real-time insight into distributors' inventory levels, sales representatives can place orders with the appropriate wholesalers.

Solve the issue of shortages and surpluses

Insight into the current inventory levels of distributors helps to limit shortages, control surpluses, prevent returns, and optimize production.

Simplify the ordering process

Just select the company that should fulfill the order, and the distributor will determine from which warehouse the products will be shipped

Order details

Information about the fulfillment level of each order item

Understand the reasons for lost sales

Access to detailed reasons for the non-fulfillment of an order will help you uncover the real causes of lost sales

Statuses are updated in real time

Status updates occur in real time, immediately after information is sent from the warehouse's sales and storage system.


Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

Data synchronization

Automatic transfer of orders to the distributor's system

Minimize errors

The fewer errors in orders, the fewer correcting invoices you'll have.

Increase the number of orders, speed up delivery and fulfillment

Faster order transfer leads to faster product assembly in the warehouse and quicker delivery of goods.

Lower order processing costs

Automation significantly reduces order processing costs.

Sales analysis

Sales Identification Service

Settle with sales representatives basing on actual sales, not declarative ones

Settle with distributors according reliable data

Find out who is buying your products from distributors

Enlarge and update your customer base with new locations

Identify high-potential points that your representatives have not served so far

What do you gain by using Integra?

Integration brings benefits to both the manufacturer and the distributor.

What does a manufacturer gain?

Faster order transfer

Instantaneous order transfer to the distributor allows suppliers to begin fulfillment just 3 seconds after the order is placed!

Fewer errors = lower costs

Automatic integration eliminates errors that occur when manually entering orders into the system

Knowledge of the causes of lost sales

Knowing the reasons for non-fulfillment of individual order items can help you prevent similar situations in the future.

Elimination of shortages and surpluses

Information about the current inventory levels of the distributor allows you to make decisions faster, limit shortages, reduce surpluses, and quicky choose the optimal supplier.

What does a distributor gain?

Faster order handling process

No need to change the system or work on multiple systems

No phone calls asking about order status

Fewer mistakes

Integra is not only automatic data integration with distributors

It’s also additional features, such as Sales Identification Service, giving you knowledge about the full market picture for your products.


Integrated pharmaceutical distributors - we cooperate with every Polish one!


Integrated manufacturers from various industries


integration channels


Integrated wholesalers from various industries

What do customers who use our solution say?

The key service was Integra. Through integration with distributor systems, we have a better understanding of the market by analyzing sales data. We know by whom, when, and how much of our products are being purchased, even through distributors.

Joanna Olczak,
Sales & Trade Marketing Director

Emigo and integration with warehouse systems help us achieve our goals. Thanks to the Integra platform, we streamlined the order fulfillment process, leading to better cooperation with distributors. We also discovered new sales potential.
Jarosław Idzik,
Settlements and Analysis Section Manager
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Today, representatives cannot imagine fulfilling orders without access to inventory levels before placing an order. Thanks to this, the supply chain has significantly accelerated. We simplified order placement, gained time, and improved the efficiency of fulfilling our customers’ orders

Jarosław Jankowski,
Commercial & Supply Chain Forecasting Specialist

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Wondering if Integra is for you?

The Integra platform is for you if:

You want to speed up order transfer and quickly select optimal suppliers

You want to avoid costly mistakes in orders, eliminate surpluses and shortages

You care about fast data flow from distributors

You are looking for an integrating platform that allows you to understand the reasons why orders have not been fulfilled

The Integra platform is not for you if:

You don’t care about having an error-free order fulfillment process

Your company does well without analyzing lost sales opportunities

You don’t need to speed up the order fulfillment process

You don’t want to change anything in the data exchange process with distributors

Consult the implementation of Integra in your company

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