No-code design of sales processes

Thanks to intuitive tools you are able to independently map out your business processes in Emigo without the need for programming. You can easily design all the steps of an in-store visit and other even most complex activities. It allows you to efficiently adapt your way of operating to the market situation and achieve your goals.

No-code in the SFA system – how does it work?

Design tools for business processes, tasks or activities included in the tasks are based on the no-code model. This means you need no programming skills. Using those tools resembles building with blocks. You get ready-made elements. You define their content, order, interrelationships, or conditionality. If the situation requires it, you can modify the tasks at any time.

Perfect Store

Perfect Store allows you to effectively plan and implement all activities that have an impact on increasing market shares, consumer purchasing decisions and increasing sales.

  • Availability. Ensuring the highest possible level of availability of the right products in a specific retail point of sale.
  • Placement. Providing the best display space for specific products in the store.
  • Visibility. Ensuring good visibility of a given product, located in a specific display area.
  • Price communication. Providing the best conditions for making a purchase.
  • Shelf share. Providing the best display width on the shelf of a given product.
  • Segmentation. Focus on the most relevant stores.
  • AI Image Recognition. Implementation of automatic inspection of numeric distribution, placement, and shelf share as well as additional placement inspection using data from photos. Based on the research results the Emigo system is able to automatically suggest products that need to be ordered.


Coaching is a process that allows you to examine the competences of representatives directly in the field and create appropriate training plans. It gives the possibility of deliberately managing the career path of employees in accordance with their hard and soft skills.

  • Double visits. They are aimed at increasing the competences of the sales team as a result of the joint work of the representative and the coach.
  • Surveys. They enable the design of appropriate steps, in line with the standard of the visit carried out by the customer representative.
  • Progress tracking. A clear definition of goals helps to create a coherent policy of motivation and career path for the assessed employees.
  • Results. The evaluation and development course of the representative can be analyzed in the Biqsens report.

Local actions

As part of this process, the representative performs a number of activities, the assumptions of which he plans as part of joint arrangements with the store, e.g. the duration and form of settlement. The results of the action are available for analysis in Biqsens reports.

  • Action planning. Local actions are planned according to the budget. You can choose the type of promotion, triggers and calculation conditions as well as rewards to be issued to the client.
  • Controlling the course of action. Appropriate, subsequent actions to be performed are automatically planned.
  • Settlement recommendation. In the final, the course of action is summarized and its settlement or rejection is recommended.
  • Manager’s approval. Emigo enables the settlement’s registration.

Matylda Kozłowska-Igła

program manager

“Emigo? We know how a typical sales visit looks like in small local shops and in a supermarket. What actions are taken by a pharmaceutical representative in a pharmacy, and how is he / she building a relationship with a doctor. Emigo adapts to the specifics of the company, industry and client that the salesperson is visiting at a given moment. Our task is to support our clients’ activities so that they build a competitive advantage. “

Przeceny i wymiany

It is a process that allows you to control the ongoing discounts and exchanges. It makes it possible to monitor their progress and the use of the budget. It provides information on how often, where and why discounts or replacements are taking place.

  • Up-to-date information. Detailed and up-to-date knowledge of ongoing discounts.
  • Calculating the available budget. Update the budget allocated to the representative as the repricing progress is registered.
  • Automatically scheduled activities. Hints of appropriate actions related to the verification and settlement of the discount.
  • Dedicated reports. Instant analysis of the causes and effects of these actions.

Control visits

This process allows the inspector to perform the same tasks as the representative to evaluate the correctness of his work. The result of the control visit is a report that shows the differences in data and the degree of compliance.

  • Checking the correctness of the entered data. Verification of information added by mobile employees.
  • Reliability. The person that carries out the control visit performs the same activities as the Representative did without seeing the data previously entered by him.
  • Analysis. Report showing the differences in data and the percentage of compliance..

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