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Sales Force Automation

Automation of sales processes with EMIGO SMART WORKFLOW

Emigo Smart Workflow is a tool for self-designing the flow of sales visits and other tasks, as well as a set of ready-made processes. With them, you will effectively implement merchandising standards, verify discounts, plan and settle local actions, and even develop the skills of representatives.

With Emigo Smart Workflow, you will speed up task execution and gain time needed to make decisions leading to better results in all sales channels.

Better results thanks to the automation of sales processes

Automation of processes is more than just faster task execution. It is an ability to compete with larger companies, implement agile approaches, and adapt processes to the dynamics of market changes. With Emigo Smart Workflow, you don’t need the support of a programmer to build and replicate key sales processes and more in the SFA system. You can independently define their relationships, the order of elements, and conditional dependencies. At any time, you can optimize tasks, adjust them to market trends, and see which changes have translated into better sales results.


Designing process is intuitive and resembles building with blocks.


A no-code model – you don’t need the support of a programmer or programming skills to use it.


You can freely optimize processes and introduce modifications that will help your organization adapt to dynamic market changes more quickly.


You will speed up the execution of routine tasks in your team.


You can monitor the effectiveness of key processes in real-time.


Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

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Perfect store

Beat the competition on the store shelf

The Perfect Store process allows you to check whether individual stores effectively display your assortment and meet standards in specific areas. With practical recommendations, you will learn how to improve product exposure to motivate consumers to make purchases. You will increase your share on the shelf, improve product visibility, price communication, and boost sales in each store.

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Develop your team's skills

With the Coaching process, you can assess the skills of sales representatives directly during their fieldwork. You will analyze their developmental potential, identify areas for improvement, and tailor training plans based on that. You will find the right direction for the development of each representative and build an effective team faster.

Joint visits

Enhance the sales team's competencies through collaborative work between the representative and the coach.


Easily customize the coaching process to match the standard of the representative's customer visits.

Progress monitoring

Set clear goals for representatives and monitor their progress to better motivate them and create an appropriate career path.


You can check and analyze the ratings and progress of sales representatives in the Biqsens report.

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Local actions

Optimize the activities that representatives plan in coordination with the store

Keep track of the progress of local actions – their duration, performed tasks, and the form of settlement. You can easily analyze the results of the actions in Biqsens reports.

Action planning

You can plan local actions according to the assigned budget, specifying the type of promotion, triggers and calculation conditions, as well as rewards.

Action control

You can monitor the progress of local actions in real-time, and the next tasks to be performed will be planned automatically.

Settlement recommendations

At the end of an action, there will be a summary of its progress and a recommendation for settlement or rejection of the action.

Action approval

Rozliczenie akcji, rejestracja faktury czy wydanie produktów są zapisywane w systemie.


Automate sales processes

Take advantage of a free consultation and see how we can help automate sales processes in your company

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Price reductions and exchanges

Maintain control over price reductions and exchanges

With Emigo Smart Workflow, you can control ongoing price reductions and exchanges at customers’ locations. By monitoring their progress, you can assess the level of budget utilization and understand the frequency and reasons for their occurrence.

Up-to-date knowledge

You have detailed and up-to-date information about ongoing price reductions.

Budget updates

The budget allocated to the representative is updated as progress in price reductions is registered.

Automatic activity planning

You will receive suggestions for appropriate actions related to price reduction verification and settlement.


You can quickly analyze the causes and effects of price reductions and exchanges.

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Control visits

Verify the accuracy of data entered by representatives into the system

Control visits allow you to assess whether representatives correctly perform tasks and record accurate information in the system. The person conducting the control visit performs the same tasks that the representative previously did, and the system generates a report showing any discrepancies in the data and determines the percentage of compliance.

Data accuracy control

The system verifies the information provided by mobile salespeople.


The person conducting the control visit does not know the data previously entered by the sales representative.


You will receive a report showing the differences in data and the percentage of compliance.

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