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are everything.

Why we?

Our company’s foundation are people – enthusiasts. We built company where we all feel good in. Just like at home. That is why, we constantly invest in our team. Sagra Technology is a place where our employees are treated individually and with respect. We remember that we are human beings and that behind each of us there is not only a professional, but a private history

We constantly develop skills, train and exchange knowledge. We use the support external companies, websites and work research (FRIS research, partnership with Microsoft, individual employee training and a training package).


This is what builds our strength! We are an explosive mix of people with some various temperaments. Each of us, apart from technology, has some various  passions: singing, dancing, running, cooking as well as roller skating. There is a lot of it, we are not able to name everything, but we have a common denominator- Sagra! Having such a wide variety of ideas and point of view, it is impossible not to build a family atmosphere and a pleasant, creative place to work.


The atmosphere of freedom and openness created by our team may surprise you. It will make you feel one of us quickly and without any stress factor. We focus strongly on onboarding. From the first day we provide a rich training package, after that the only thing that we can offer  is  continuous development through participation in some  interesting projects and cooperation with people with the extensive professional experience and an amazing disposition.


We know,  that “man does not live by work alone”. The salary is not the only reward for working in our company. We enable the development in our  company as well as  outside of  it,  we offer a rich system of benefits: private medical care, co-financing of the Multisport card, nursery moreover  kindergartens, glasses,  holiday allowance, the possibility of joining group insurance, integration events as well as our  modern office. Flat with coffee  without any limitations!

Meet our team



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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people whose experience and skills complement the creative possibilities of our teams. People, who understand the group dynamics but are also people, who are able to solve problems on their own. People who  are confident, but they keep distance stay  humble. We value creativity, communication skills and openness to changes.


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