Wawel SA

Wawel is a company with a long history and has opted for the Emigo system. Her sweet products need no introduction. Sales representatives of both the tradition and modern channel departments have been working with the sales support system for years. However, in order to increase the freedom and ergonomics of work, it was necessary to choose a new solution. As a result, over 100 people working in the field use the Emigo.
It is worth mentioning that Wawel with Emigo has gained integration with the systems of its distributors, thanks to which the representative can choose suppliers while creating an order at the customer, based on their inventory levels, presented on a regular basis on the terminal. Integration guarantees high levels of order fulfillment. Importantly, the representative can also check the status of implementation for each order item.

Sales managers also take advantage of new possibilities: reports or indicators, in which data on, among others: sales volume, PH’s work results, distributors’ activities, customer rankings are updated on a regular basis. The information can be viewed in a synthetic form, as well as analyzed in detail by delving into the report with subsequent clicks. And everything is available immediately – because today nobody has time to wait 2-3 days for reports.