URGO Polfa Łodź Sp. z o.o.

URGO Polfa Łódź is the exclusive representative of pharmaceutical products created by world-class laboratories of dermatology and aesthetic medicine. The company produces and sells high-quality dermocosmetics. Treatments that he proposes allow you to achieve noticeable effects of improving the condition of the skin.
Two groups of sales representatives deal with the sale and distribution of products. The first – representatives visiting dermatologists and beauty salons as well as dermoconsultants presenting the product in pharmacies or company salons (eg Sephora). The second group consists of representatives specializing in servicing the cosmetic medicine sector.

Along with the development of the company and the increase in sales volume, the company’s management noticed the need to improve the efficiency of the sales representatives department. The solution turned out to be Sagra Technology software with two useful tools, operating in the cloud model: Integra and Ipocrates.
Thanks to the Integra software, URGO Polfa Łódź automated the process of ordering from distributors, as well as improved communication between distributors and its own distribution warehouse. We managed to improve the flow of feedback on the status of order fulfilment and inventory to the customer. In turn, the Ipocrates software makes it easier for representatives to work in the field by providing comprehensive information about the product and its operation, which allows you to immediately answer questions from cosmetologists using the company’s products. Today, the company uses the ipocrates database of pharmacies and ipocrates physicians.

“We chose Sagra Technology’s Emigo because it is a comprehensive solution that allows you to send orders to distributors, provides information about order fulfilment and sales, automating reporting work and making it easier to monitor the work of sales representatives.” – says Katarzyna Kaim, Marketing and Sales Director at URGO Polfa Łódź.

Today, the visit of a sales representative to each of the points of sale is associated with specific activities covering precisely specified points: researching the target group in a given cycle, verification of the patient profile, testing the potential (categorization), researching product opinions and inviting to seminars organized by URGO Polfa Łódź . Emigo helps to systematize all these elements of the visit.
The implementation, which started in January and was completed in September this year, consisted of two stages: implementation and integration between the Emigo system and the internal URGO Polfa Łódź systems.