Pamapol S.A.

Pamapol is a producer of ready meals, canned food and pates. The availability of products on shelves in stores is ensured by representatives divided into two divisions – the modern and traditional market. The tradition department had previously collected orders in the sales support system. However, the system did not meet all the company’s requirements, primarily in the areas related to creating an order based on data from distributors. Today, Emigo provides, when placing an order, inventory levels, order fulfillment statuses, and automation of information exchange with distribution warehouse and sales systems. Another very important element is the automatic recalculation of complicated promotional conditions in the order basket. In the tradition department, orders are the most important. In addition to them, representatives inventory the presence and prices on the shelf of their own products.

For the modern department, the Emigo system is the first system. Until now, all the work required tedious filling in Excel sheets. Today, with Emigo, the modern department has standardized tasks and activities. The main activities are shelf verification combined with competition research.

Data collected as a result of the activities of both divisions are collected and presented in Biqsens reports. In return, the Biqsens analytical platform can supply indicators on Emigo’s mobile terminals of representatives, e.g. with information on the level of target achievement.

Pamapol not only gained the automation and standardization of representatives’ tasks with Emigo, but also the ability to analyze the results of these activities in analytical reports.