Miraculum S.A.

The history of Miraculum – the producer of such a well-known brand as Pani Walewska – dates back to the 1920s. However, Miraculum is not only history and tradition. It is also modern. That is why the Emigo system has become a natural complement to the sales department. Thanks to the implementation, the traditional channel gained the possibility to use the always up-to-date database of Winpoint contractors, integration with own warehouses and distributors, and viewing dedicated analysts on the Biqsens analytical platform.

The daily work of a representative has become easier. When placing an order, the device shows the current stock levels at the selected distributor. Implementation statuses are available for each ordered item. Emigo allows you to study numerical distribution, manage cabinets at points of sale, settle receivables and many other activities. Thanks to Emigo, Miraculum gained not only the possibility of better management of the department’s work, but also an accurate picture of the market.