Merck Sp. z o.o.

Merck – despite being one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in the world – is known for its constant commitment to innovation. Seeking changes, the Polish branch decided to improve the work of its representatives. The first change concerned network coordinators. Thanks to Emigo, the execution of orders from pharmacy chains was automated and significantly increased. The use of system solutions allowed for the monitoring of the entire implementation process on dedicated Biqsens analytical reports. Knowledge from the reports helps Merck to improve not only its own operations, but also those of its partners.

The good results made other departments interested in Emigo as well. Medical representatives try their hand at collecting orders, using the Emigo system in smaller, individual pharmacies. Thanks to Emigo, they enjoy the benefits of full integration with the distribution network, know the inventory, status of each item in the orders, place orders for multiple locations.

Merck is another company among our clients that has gained a new view of its own business by using our solutions.