Laboratorium Kosmetyków Naturalnych Farmona Sp. z o. o.

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory, the producer of such a well-known brand as Radical, has implemented the Emigo system for all its sales divisions: Profession, Tradition and Pharmacy. Thanks to Emigo, the work of departments, regardless of the specificity of the tasks performed by each of them, gained support.

The Profession Department visiting beauty salons can register their activities with the client, monitor their effects, and coordinate the cooperation of beauty salons with wholesalers. Meanwhile, the Tradition Department has gained an excellent tool for collecting orders from customers. The knowledge of stock levels, order fulfillment statuses significantly improve the comfort of the representatives’ work. For KAMs from the Pharmacy Department, the most important thing is to register orders carried out under agreements with chains. Thanks to Emigo, they can check their implementation and analyze the history of ordered goods. All departments can follow the implementation of their sales targets on an ongoing basis.

Farmona is a company that cares about the quality of its cosmetic products, Emigo now makes sure that the sales process is at an equally high level.