Josera Polska Sp. z o.o.

Josera is a company that produces and sells pet food and accessories. In order to improve the functioning, and thus strengthen its position on the market, the company decided to implement the Emigo system together with Biqsens analysts and a database of verified Winpoint addresses. By automating processes and more efficient team management, Emigo will help increase the efficiency of Josery sales representatives.

Josera has also implemented the Perfect Store service. This is the concept of the so-called The “ideal store”, according to which the level of sales achieved by the manufacturer in a retail store is significantly dependent on the implementation of established operating standards. Perfect Store will allow you to more effectively plan and implement, among others correct product display, ensuring product availability, expanding shelf shares, checking the correctness of prices or adjusting the promotional offer. All these activities significantly contribute to increasing market shares, consumer purchasing decisions and, consequently, increasing sales. In addition, Biqsens analytics in a transparent and understandable way for everyone provide data and information – for example on the implementation of sales goals or team effectiveness. The always up-to-date and constantly verified database of Winpoint addresses allows for easy categorization and segmentation of customers. Thanks to it, it is possible to define regions and profile points of sale. In conjunction with the Location Discrepancy Report, these services help Josera build an even more effective sales strategy that includes building the best direct relationships with its customers.