Dawtona Sp. z o.o.

Dawtona is one of the most recognizable companies offering vegetable and fruit products on the domestic market. From now on, thanks to the Emigo system and the automation of sales processes, the work of Dawtona sales representatives will be even more effective and efficient.

The implemented functionality of Local Actions will allow them to plan and perform activities perfectly tailored to the needs of customers, which were impossible to plan in advance. During each visit, the representative will be able to quickly review the history of visits and notes about a given client. Thanks to this, it will plan the most effective tasks tailored to each client and settle them. Moreover, the system will remind him of the actions to be performed. Thanks to this, it will be possible to achieve higher efficiency and satisfaction with cooperation on the producer-customer line.

Integra, i.e. a platform integrating data from various distributor systems, will shorten the time needed for data processing, streamlining the ordering process. The related Sales Identification Service (UIS) will provide complete knowledge of the overall sales level of the company’s products and help Dawtona build a complete picture of the market. All thanks to reliable data on orders made not only through representatives, but also placed by stores directly at distributors. Data and information obtained in this way will be easily accessible thanks to advanced analyst Biqsens. In a simple and transparent way, with the help of friendly charts, Biqsens will provide data and information necessary to make important strategic decisions.