4 Mass S.A.

4Mass is a company operating in the cosmetics industry. It deals with the production and distribution of cosmetics and accessories from the make-up category, both on the mass and professional market. In order to comprehensively manage its sales forces in many areas, 4Mass decided to implement the Emigo system. The automation of the representatives’ daily work provided by the system will allow to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. Time saving combined with the Location Discrepancy Report available in business analysts Biqsens will help create a more effective sales strategy based on building good relations between representatives and customers through personal contact. Biqsens will also facilitate making strategic decisions by presenting data in a clear and understandable way – with the help of clear charts. Integra, a platform that integrates data from distributors’ ERP systems, streamlines the process of placing and executing orders. Thanks to the standardization of product dictionaries used by 4Mass and distributors, the problem of rewriting orders will be eliminated. The time of their implementation will also be shortened. Up-to-date knowledge of stock levels will allow representatives placing an order to choose the right distributor immediately.