Emigo. Support for your sales and marketing.

Support for sales team organization and management. Helps relationships in orderly fashion, increases your efficiency and productivity. It allows you to plan, operate, and analyze. It automates your daily activities, and – in effect – liberates your time and mindpower, thus giving you space to develop and apply the new skills. IE11/Microsoft EDGE compatible.

Portal Emigo


Manager’s control dashboard. Manage the work of your team, schedule dates and plan resources, build strategy.

Mobilny Emigo


A handy toolbox for a Sales Representative. Increase efficiency of sales, collect market data, execute the strategy.

Emigo BI


A set of intelligent tools for your business analytics. Draw data-driven conclusions following from your strategy and react immediately.

Modern Business Intelligence

BIQSENS is a business analytics suite, with which you can analyze data and share insights easily and quickly.

Interactive reports will facilitate drawing conclusions and informed decision-making.

Discover trends so fast that you will be able to anticipate the future.

Manipulate and sort the data to see what was hidden before.


Integrate with distributors

Emigo transmits orders directly to distributors’ warehouse and sales systems, with full automation. It provides information about inventory, which allows you to select the optimal supplier and pre-order goods. It confirms the realization status of each item and shortens the time of delivery. All this in real time.


Choose optimum suppliers. Speed up delivery time.

Integration map


integrated manufacturers, various industries

Integruj - mapa


integrated storage systems

Integruj - mapa


integrated distributors, all industries

Database of good addresses.
Meet your clients.

In Emigo, you reach the crucial information quickly and hassle-free. No duplicates, incorrect or outdated details. No time wasted for looking for the right address of current or new points of sale, or medical personnel. You adjust the visit schedule in order to quickly and efficiently realize your goals. The map will guide you anywhere with the geocoded addresses.

Aktualna, poprawna i spójna sieć wszystkich Twoich Klientów

All industries covered.
Emigo is an updated and consistent network of all your Clients.

59 942

pharmacies, wholesalers,
medical units…

99 293

doctors, pharmacists,

99 500

super- and hypermarkets,
discount stores…

B2B ecommerce platform

Upgrade your retail

Emigo Retail is a B2B ecommerce platform. This advanced application combines the features of an online store and a product-base knowledge portal.. This is a sustainable multi-platform solution.

This cutting-edge approach is transforming the market into a community. The solution shortens the distance between the manufacturer and the retailer, allowing for instant offer personalization and opinion exchange.


Why clients value Sagra


Sagra has demonstrated commitment and professionalism in the implementation of the Emigo solution. We would like to recommend Emigo as a very effective tool which supports the realization of our business objectives.

Sławomir Lutek,
Managing Director,

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