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Current contact database

A unique database of contact details on the Polish retail market, pharmacies as well as doctors. It contains, among others, such information as: addresses, ranges of activities, names of owners, geographic location. With this kind of data, thousands of people in the field can do their job every day. Do not waste time looking for the right customer address or new points of sale. Just act!


Database of retail outlets

As a part of the service, you will receive a database of current retail and wholesale points of sale. That is over 220,000 active and valid records. Our Database includes FMCG and chemical-cosmetic class locations: shops, discount stores, wholesalers, petrol stations, drugstores, hair and beauty salons, bookstores and stationery stores. Your Representatives will hit the right place and time without fail. They will visit hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, local stores, as planned and without delay


A healthy database

Systematically updated database of over 14,000 pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and medical facilities. It is also a database of over 130 thousand registered with GIODO. records of medical and pharmaceutical personnel, in which we offer a database of : doctors and dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy coordinators, nurses, midwives and hygienists. Ipocrates will provide you with a precise and well-protected set of data, necessary for operations on the pharmaceutical market, i.e. specialization, leading workplace, identifier and relationship history.

Anita Wojtanowska

systems integration manager

“About 20% of addresses and telephone numbers change during the year. Companies change owners, fail, new ones are created. So we correct this information by constantly updating it. We provide all the necessary, correct and up-to-date data as part of our Master Data Management.”

pharmacies, wholesalers,
medical facilities

doctors, dentists,
pharmacists, nurses

super and hypermarkets,
shops, discounters


our bases

contact details

The quality of databases compliant with the GDPR regulations translates into all your activities. That is why we take all steps to ensure the highest quality, credibility, up-to-date and availability of customer data. All this so that they can be freely used in various business processes. 

You will create sales regions according to your strategy.
You will reach the right group with your offer.

You will create sales regions according to your strategy.

You will reach the right group with your offer.

You will maintain a high level of relationships with customers, despite the rotation of your Representatives.

Is your customer
base up to date?

Within one month, we handle over 10,000 requests to change data in the database. We track and check every activity.

Our base
we verify the data in:

Central Register of Economic Activity

Polish Post

Center for Healthcare Information Systems

Central Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Center

Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate

Supreme Medical Chamber

Central Statistical Office

Main Chamber of Nurses and Midwives

Full compliance with the principles of the GDPR

From May 25, 2018 – entry of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) personal data protection policy has changed throughout the European Union. Familiarize yourself with their content.

Privacy policy –
information obligation

Sole proprietorship

Medical staff

Anita Wojtanowska

systems integration manager

“Do you have time to make 55,000 phone calls a month to verify your customers’ data? We can take care of it, because we deal with it every day. We check every address, telephone number, assign geographic coordinates to addresses, mark in the data who is the payer and who should receive the order. “


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