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A modern platform that integrates sales data into logical, compact business areas. Draw conclusions. React immediately. Make informed decisions in line with the organization’s existing challenges, opportunities and goals.

Sales Data Integration Platform for the Producer

Thanks to the Integration Platform, you will examine the sales potential and efficiently assess the achievement of the Representative’s goals.
Corporate Executive Dashboard will provide you with access to indicators based on integrated customer data sources (e.g. ex-factory sales), as well as to those related to visits and sales. Check what benefits you will gain by working with:


You will learn how to manage inventory and evaluate the distributor (e.g. sales, discounts, OTIF).

Retail chains

Settle the network by analyzing contracts and numerical distribution based on quantitative and qualitative goals.


Optimize your supply chain performance. Streamline your procurement processes with suggested orders.

Get an advantage

Spoivo is the sum of our fifteen years of experience in integrating IT systems and various data sources for the FMCG and Healthcare sector. Includes:

Service processes representative
Order handling processes
network (central).

Sharing and monitoring inventory in the distribution network.

Providing and monitoring the resale of products carried out by distributors (sell-in), retail chains and retailers (sell-out).

Provision and monitoring of resale to distribution networks by manufacturers (ex-factory).

Dedicated analytics offered for each side of the distribution chain, allowing for the assessment of cooperation and monitoring of mutual settlements.

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Offers full digitization of data transfer and sharing processes using the latest cloud technologies, guaranteeing each website full data security.

Emigo Data Source

We are the creators of the Emigo Data Source connector, a connector that allows access to data from a selected source. By the end of 2019, Microsoft has certified only 27 external online service providers (including Google, Facebook, Adobe) that offer connectors for Power BI Desktop – including Emigo Data Source.

Microsoft Azure

The platform is backed by Microsoft Azure, the leading platform among secure and easy-to-use cloud computing services. It also uses Azure Active Directory (AAD). It is from the user’s identity in AAD that the permissions are derived from. Therefore, he gains access only to the data that is intended for him.

ISO IEC/27001 

The information security management system implemented by us complies with the requirements of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 in the scope of “Provision of information technology services in the Software as a Service model.” It is one of the most widely recognized, internationally accepted independent security standards. It confirms our maturity and awareness of the importance of protecting the information we have and which we process.


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