Toruń Dressing Material Works S.A.

TZMO, a producer of such well-known brands as Bella or Seni, after several years of working with Emigo in Poland, decided to implement a proven solution in its foreign branches. He chose India to start with. The flexibility of the system made it possible to adapt the activities to Indian standards. Moreover, the client carried out the implementation on site by himself, with remote support from our side. And although the specificity of the market seems to be completely different from the one known in the country, the Indian branch works on an almost mirror image of the Emigo system on which TZMO operates in Poland. One of the unique adjustments that distinguish this implementation is the specificity of the representative’s work with the client. Customer data includes not only his address and location, but also a photo of the contact person. Thanks to Emigo, TZMO can standardize the work of representatives regardless of their place of work, while taking into account the specific requirements of the local market.