Stella Pack S.A.

Stella Pack is one of the largest garbage bag manufacturers and distributors of hygiene products in Europe. The rapid development of the company and commitment to ecology resulted in the need for more orderly work, more efficient team management and digitization of some processes. Stella Pack chose the Emigo system as solutions that meet its high demands.

Sales representatives can now control shelves and perform merchandising activities more efficiently and conveniently. Offers with product photos attached have eliminated the need for printed catalogs. The Biqsens analytics suite allows management to analyze data in real time thanks to clear charts.

The integration of Emigo with ERP systems of distributors streamlines and speeds up the ordering process. Traders have ongoing access to inventory and order fulfillment status. The constantly updated database of contact details of Winpoint stores facilitates customer segmentation and profiling, route planning and region creation. The Sales Identification Service helps you discover the complete sales picture for Stella Pack products. Provides data on all orders for their products, including returns. In this way, the manufacturer can discover new stores, it is easier to settle accounts with distributors and reward representatives for actually made sales.