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Automation and improvement of sales processes

It makes it easier to build effective sales strategies and choose agile tactics for them to better respond to today’s market challenges. It allows “non-technical” users to quickly design and optimize sales processes. It goes beyond standard applications.

Perfect Store

Verify points of sale. Use KPIs to assess the implementation of the set standards. Influence the increase in market shares and consumer purchasing decisions. Win on the store shelf.

  • Availability. Ensuring the highest possible level of availability of the right products in a given retail outlet.
  • Exposure. Listing specific products in the best place.
  • Prices. Providing the best conditions for making a purchase.
  • Shelf share. Caring for the best display width on the shelf of a given product.
  • Segmentation. Focus on the most important stores, i.e. those that achieve high scores after verifying the standards.
  • AI Image Recognition. Automatic reading of numerical distribution, shelf shares, shortages from one photo. This, in turn, in the next step will allow you to automatically transmit order suggestions.


Support your people with the skills they need so that they can carry out their daily duties even more effectively. Achieve the best possible sales results. Create representatives’ development plans.

  • Double visits. Raising the competences of the sales team on the basis of visits carried out jointly by the representative and his supervisor / trainer).
  • Polls. Designing appropriate steps, consistent with the standard of the visit that the representative carries out at the client’s.
  • Monitoring progress. Clear definition of goals helps to create a coherent policy of motivation and career path for the assessed persons.
  • Assessment result. It can be sent to selected system users, e.g. manager, rated representative. Recovery programs.

Local actions

Monitor the course of actions, in which the representative performs a number of activities as part of a joint arrangement with the store. Analyze their effectiveness, control budgets. Build more loyalty and a good relationship with the customer.

  • Action planning. Recording arrangements with the client: action rules, budget, start and end date of activities, products covered by the action, form of promotion and method of settlement.
  • Controlling the mileage. If the action has not been canceled, appropriate actions to be performed are automatically scheduled in the system.
  • Recommendation of the settlement. Summary of the course of action. Recommending actions for settlement or rejection.
  • Approval of the action by the manager. Activities enabling the settlement of the action, e.g. an activity in which an invoice must be registered or an activity for the registration of product release.

Matylda Kozłowska-Igła

program manager

“Emigo? We know how a typical sales visit looks like in small local shops and in a supermarket. What actions are taken by a pharmaceutical representative in a pharmacy, and how is he / she building a relationship with a doctor. Emigo adapts to the specifics of the company, industry and client that the salesperson is visiting at a given moment. Our task is to support our clients’ activities so that they build a competitive advantage. “

Control visits

Obtain information on whether the knowledge that has been passed on to the representative is absorbed and understood correctly by him.

  • Checking the correctness of the entered data. Verification of information added by mobile employees.
  • Reliability. The person performing the inspection visit performs the same activities as the Representative did without seeing the data previously entered by him.
  • Dedicated analyst. Report showing differences in data and percentage of compliance.


Discounts and exchanges

Stay in control of customer discounts and exchanges. Monitor their course and the budget allocated to them. Receive information about the frequency, reasons and the most common locations.

  • Up-to-date information. Detailed and up-to-date knowledge of ongoing discounts.
  • Calculating the available budget. Update the budget allocated to the representative as the repricing progress is registered.
  • Automatically scheduled activities. Hints of appropriate actions related to the verification and settlement of the discount.
  • Dedicated reports. Instant analysis of the causes and effects of these actions.


Define and control a budget related plan. Check its implementation in the selected time period. Maintain greater control over detailed budgets. Increase the efficiency of managers’ work.

  • Enterprise-wide budget plans. Budgets cover any period of time and can be expressed in terms of value or quantity. This enables the creation of plans for the entire enterprise, as well as ongoing analysis and control of the implementation of assumptions.
  • Limits. Defining the limits of the total value of the rebate granted by the Representatives for selected commodity brands.
  • Monitoring the use of the budget. Current information on the use of the budget, both for Representatives and from the perspective of budget managers.
  • Modifying the limits. Possibility to change the limits during their validity.
  • Multiple measures of plan implementation. The use of various measures of the implementation of plans, such as quantity or amount.
  • Control of budget implementation. Automatic and natural control of budget implementation. In the event of deviations, the possibility of immediate reaction and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Control of input data. Monitoring of correctness and integrity.


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