Peter Walker
Sales Director
Naomi Johnson
Key Account Manager
Thomas Owen
Regional Sales Director
Kate Rollin
Marketing Director
dyrektor sprzedaży
Peter Walker
Sales Director
key account manager
Naomi Johnson
Key Account Manager
regionalny kierownik sprzedaży
Thomas Owen
Regional Sales Director
dyrektor marketingu
Kate Rollin
Marketing Director

Peter Walker
Sales Director

Are the sales figures I receive actual facts?

Can I obtain any type of report on the activities carried out within a a few minutes?

Is the sales plan being implemented as intended?


Peter takes a number of strategic decisions. He must be aware of the business situation of the Company at a glance, and simultaneously see a complete picture of the market. He evaluates the activities which support the effective sales organization. He wants to see the sales results improve constantly.

Firstly, keep full control over the sales process

Search through the templates, follow the constantly updated live charts and manage the whole operation from your custom dashboards.

Look and know – you will miss no changes whatsoever: highs and lows of the market demand; deficiency or excess goods within the distribution plan, or the efficiency and effectiveness of your Representatives.

Get to the heart of information instantly and observe all actions undertaken by the sales force in the market.

Secondly, organize and manage the work of sales teams

Accurately map and implement your methods of operation.

Define quantitative targets (eg. value of the contracts in a given category of products) and qualitative (eg. the required exposure at the point of sale).

Monitor and analyze the results of the regional business plans and sales objectives realization.

Thirdly, build and focus on long-term relationships

Enjoy quick access to updated market data (eg. the resale of the distributor). The knowledge acquired can help you determine further course of action to plan with your partners.

Let retailers place orders themselves. You wil regain the time of your people, who can, as a result, focus more on additional sales activities.

Respond to the needs of the market based on the research results, collected directly by the representatives.

Naomi Johnson
Key Account Manager

Will I start cooperation with two new clients each quarter?

How do I monitor the implementation of sales strategies in various formats of commercial networks?

How can I quickly and accurately assess the performance of a promotional action?


Naomi is marketing new products and strives for appropriate numeric distribution. She performs nationwide promotional campaigns with all the contract clients. Her objective is to reach the required sales volume.

Firstly, focus on clients with top potential

Identify retail outlets with high potential and plan actions dedicated for them.

Perform comprehensive assessment of the activities carried out in a given store within the network. Determine the necessary corrective action.

Follow the rankings of points of sale.

Secondly, maintain the merchandising standards

Monitor the consistency of appearance of the points of sale. This will help you manage product categories.

Quickly assess the exposure and, subsequently, the exact factors which influence the success of your promotional activities.

Check the implementation of planograms. Register the share of shelf space. Evaluate the availability of POS materials. Document the whole visit with photos and comments.

Thirdly, run effective promotional actions

Monitor progress in the implementation of sales strategies in a variety of formats of the commercial networks.

Operate with product codes for each network and let the executive actions generate automatically.

Evaluate the effectiveness of each action by comparing the reports of execution with their initial assumptions.

Consider requests of the Representatives for local promotional actions. Use information on current and planned promotional actions.

Thomas Owen
Regional Sales Manager

How are my products selling in various categories of stores?

Are the display standards maintained in the store?

Are my people where they are supposed to be?


Thomas plans every movement of his people and their sales target realization. He would like to raise the level of cross-selling, as representatives admittedly make transactions for high amounts, but only for one product. Thomas knows he must convince them to acknowledge other products, too.

Firstly, manage the results and watch for sales effectiveness

Monitor the implementation of the objectives of individual representatives and your entire region.

Measure the results of various promotional activities and assess their effectiveness.

Check if all your people are where they claim to be.

Develop competence of your people. Plan coaching sessions. Evaluate the work progress of Representatives.

Secondly, follow the performance standards

Define separate visits standards for different categories of clients.

Group activities included in the task into stages and combine stages in scenarios.

Use pre-defined KPIs to assess the implementation of established standards.

Thirdly, plan appropriate action with the right clients

Identify clients who have not been visited for 20 days and mark them for urgent action.

Learn which clients reach for special offers and discounts, who buys regularly and on daily basis, and what the frequency of these purchases is. Adjust the scenarios with precision.

Create offers of interrelated products (cross-selling), with full control of the boundary conditions for the offer validity.

Kate Rollin
Marketing Director

Can my sales support campaigns have a better conversion?

Is my company’s market share secure?

How do I research the promotional activities of competitors?


never stops investigating and analyzing the market. She must be able to select the clients for the activities she has planned. In order to attract new and retain the existing clients, she constantly designs new marketing campaigns. Her actions are supposed to bring the desired effect.

Firstly, research the client’s needs by thoroughly examining the market

Use different types of questions in surveys: single and multiple-choice, open and closed questions, and mixed models. Assign different weight to answers, specify their type and their mandatory status.

Monitor the prices of the competition and their marketing activity in order to protect the company’s market share and profitability.

Check the implementation of merchandising standards, share of shelf space, number of facings, product availability, etc.

Secondly, design your image and boost your message

Create rich, interactive presentations. Research client’s engagement with the message.

Freely manage your campaigns.

Keep full control over the distribution of media and promotional materials.

Thirdly, maximize the impact of marketing by getting closer to the recipient.

Perform precise analyses of your clients, taking into account, eg.: purchasing behaviors, geographical location and demographics of the region.

Assign clients freely with segments, based on the determined feature set.

Plan successful campaigns in one place, based on data collected from all the necessary sources.

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