A model visit to the pharmacy

Visit planning. Visit planning. Visit clients eg. who have not been contacted for more than 7 days or those nearby. Use the dynamic categories.

Network orders. Place orders not only for a single point of sale, but also a chain of pharmacies.

Realization status. Follow the exact reasons for the lack of full implementation of each order item.

Exposure control. Check the implementation of merchandising standards. Add photographs to document the process.

Special offers and discount thresholds. Propose special offers, with the benefits automatically loading on order placement.

Reports. Observe the results of your work, your plan and its realization status.


No relationship is accidental

Targeting. Select doctors who will help you realize your goals and assign them to the relevant target groups.

Doctor base. Visit on the basis of specialization and workplace.

Optimal route. Reach a greater number of doctors by working with the map.

Research. Check the prescription and behavioral profiles.

Presentations. Presentations. Use the materials adapted to the doctor’s profile. Measure engagement and response to the message.

Inventory of samples. Browse series, expiry date, dosage, packaging and pharmaceutical form and quantity in stock. Document their issue – the limits are controlled for you by Emigo.


More visits with easy planning

Daily schedule. Take control of your day. Check your meeting time and participants. Look at the history of activities with your client. Follow the visit scenario.

Orders. Apply promotional conditions, reward with discounts, order via a photo gallery, repeat the order if not realized.

Stocks. Choose the supplier for each order item. Plan delivery times. Control the realization status.

Surveys. Study competitors’ activities, the share of shelf space, number of facings, log promotional activity of your competition.

Inventory of materials. Register issue of materials, samples, prizes, gifts to POS. Evaluate the effectiveness of a given point of sale.

visits emigo

14,6 mln

million visits per year

representatives emigo


of the representatives cannot imagine
working without Emigo

orders emigo

5,6 mln

million orders

Thousands of representatives of various sectors
achieve their goals with Emigo.

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