100% integrated pharmaceutical distributors

There is more. We cooperate with all distributors of cosmetics and chemicals in Poland and the vast majority of the food industry. Take advantage of our experience. See what you can gain through integration.

Dostawa produktów

Over 90% of orders placed in the System Emigo are realized successfully. All this thanks to the information about the distributors provided within the Integra channel: their inventory; the products they sell; clients with whom they work; realization status. When ordering, the Representative selects the distributor with whom the likelihood of order realization is the greatest. They can also change the distributor, if the realization is impossible for a reason shown in the order status. This means that no order vanishes without a trace – you can react to any situation, which significantly streamlines the process.

Anita Świercz, System Integration Team Manager

Sagra Technology

Instant insight into the distributors’ inventory

Representatives may direct their orders to the appropriate wholesaler, as they see the stock levels for each item.

Optimizing production – besides avoiding shortages or surplus, you prevent returns.

Simply select a company which should realize the order and the distributor will determine from which warehouse the products will be sent.


Updated information about the order realization status

Detailed reasons for the order not being realized will allow you find the real causes of lost sales.

Status updated on regular basis, immediately after the order status change in the sales and inventory system of the wholesaler’s.

Informacje o poziomie realizacji zamówień

Automatic order transfer to the Distributor’s system

Automatyczny transfer zamówień do systemu Dystrybutora

Fewer errors, reduction of the number of correction invoices issued.

Rapid increase in the order realization level.

Significant reduction in the delivery time of products ordered.

Acceleration and optimization of the picking process at the warehouse.

Impressive reduction of the order-processing costs.

Sales by product and / or zip codes

Result management of representatives based on the actual sales, not declarations.

Automatic financial settlements with distributors.

Wiedza o stanach magazynowych

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