How does the sales team meet their targets?

Sales goals are not just abstract numbers – a modern enterprise tends to the goal every day. Effective sales team management must be knowledge-based – where we are today, at what location in relation to the goal. Check how you can measure the distance between your team and their goals by the analytics – by looking at specific SKUs or the value of your orders. The analysis of historical data will help you estimate what will happen in the future. Good sales management has no room for secrets.

Who needs support within the sales team?

Why are the results in your team so different from each other? Is low sales the result of more demanding clients or poor performance? Take a closer look at work time, check out the best and worst days of the month, see what methods have brought the most sales to your most efficient employee. Collected in one place, these various elements will allow you to reliably and emotionlessly find the causes of high and low implementation of the plan, whereas the detailed analysis can identify best practices and areas for improvement.

What is the reason behind low orders?

The number of orders for your products is impressive. Everyone in the sales department does the job well, the representatives close the sales with the clients visited, the telemarketing departments bring results too. Even the clients who place their orders online fulfill your expectations. And yet the sales documents do not translate into the value of the orders. If you want to find the cause of these discrepancies, take a closer look at the order fulfillment report. Is this a problem with production logistics? Was a smoothly selling product promotion not realized due to the lack of goods? Or perhaps the clients have lost their enthusiasm and refused to pick up the products delivered? By learning the true cause of low order fulfillment, you have the chance to take action targeted at the source of the problem.

Which groups of potential customers can increase sales?

Oftentimes it is hard to find new ways to increase sales. Despite actions taken, the plan realization does not meet expectations. It is worth looking at client categories in detail and search for new buyers with high potential. By reviewing your digital distribution report, you will track and identify new customer groups that have not been on the market for your sales force yet.

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